From the Pastor’s Desk

                                                             A  WAKE UP CALL We need to take inventory of our lives and are shocked. We have been living according to the desires of the flesh. We have hardly denied ourselves at all. Jesus is our limited Lord. Sometimes we’re even ashamed of Him. We look at ourselves and grow sad. We remember how real God was to us. But now our eyes are on others. We work for the praise of man and are paralyzed by the fear of man. We seek to please people more than we seek to please God.  Human words influence us more than divine words, and we are satisfied in this world. Our lives have been filled with idols. And God is saying, We must fall on our faces and pray. We must make a radical change in our schedules. Shut off the TV and the VCR (television is the number one polluting force among American believers today). Put down the newspaper and the magazines. Cut out endless hours of phone call chatter. Seek the face of God. Nothing is more important. Nothing will do you more good. Desire God in prayer. Tell Him your frustration. Confess to Him your sin. Turn to God with your heart. He will turn to you. The devil says, “It’s too late. Just quit. God will never hear. Maybe He will bless the others, but it’s way too late for you.” Don’t listen to the devil’s lies! He knows you’re on the right track. He’s making a last ditch attempt to stop you. Spend more time with God! The devil is a thief.   “The world has not yet seen what God can do through a person completely dedicated to Him” (D.L. Moody). There are no secret methods or magical tricks. Fervent prayer is the key. It opens us up to God. It invites Him to work in our lives. It exposes us to His presence. Something has to give. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (Jas. 4:8). That is a promise of the Word. Wherever you are, whatever your condition, prayer can carry you back. Just move in God’s direction. Every day, take a step. Skip some meals and devour the Word. Fast and shut yourself in with Jesus. Call out to Him every hour— morning, noon and night. Pour out your soul to God! Before you know it, He will change your heart. It is absolutely sure.“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth” (Hos. 6:3).  The spirit is on your side. Jesus intercedes on your behalf. The Father longs to bless you. What can hold you back? Cast discouragement aside; put hopelessness under your feet. Make a determination. Seek the Lord with all your strength. He will not let you down. God is going to move across this planet one last time. There will a final outpouring of the Spirit that will supersede all previous outpourings. The last great revival will come and the whole earth will be affected. Only God’s kingdom will remain.   The Lord will shake the heavens and the earth (Heb. 12:25-29). Everything man-made will fall; human empires will totter and crumble. God’s people will stand back in awe, He will visit this earth again. All the revivals combined will not equal this great and mighty move. This final revival will impact the world. It will be visible display of the glory of the Lord. It will touch every part of the globe. We could live to see it all. Suffering could end before our eyes; sickness and grief could cease. Starvation and pain could disappear and presence of God fill the earth. This could be the final hourThe Lord’s coming is so very near!  We stand today at the beginning of the end. We approach the first month of the last harvest season. It is the beginning of the final reaping. The day of reckoning has come.  Now is the time to live for God, to yield your all to Him. Now is the time to completely sell out, to make your life count for Him. This is the time and this is the hour. What you sow this day will last forever.                       “TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART.”                                                                                    God Bless, Pastor Denny

If you have not received that gift of eternal life with Him, then pray this short prayer to the One who gave us victory over death through Jesus Christ.I know that I am a sinner and need your forgiveness.  I believe that Jesus died for my sins.  I now invite Jesus Christ to come into my heart and live as my personal Savior.  I will confess you before men, study your Word and live according to your will as you guide me.  Thank you for sending Jesus so that I might have eternal life. Your Word says in Romans 10:9-10 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the hearth man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation .Amen